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Renaissance Man     


Writer • Director • Designer • Actor • Creative Consultant

“Renaissance man” is an overused phrase, and not always very accurately, either. Like giving yourself a nickname, it requires a bit of nerve to apply it to oneself, but in fact, I’ve earned it. Several of my colleagues – especially Lisa Enos Smith and Jon Binkowski, who keep me busy at their production company, not-so-coincidentally called Renaissance Entertainment – often introduce me in just those terms. I might demur, but since the whole point of this website is self-promotion, I’ve decided to embrace the moniker. After all, I have enjoyed (mostly) an eclectic (some might say “checkered”) creative career in performing arts, themed entertainment, and education. I have worked as an actor, announcer, art director, carpenter, cartoonist, critic, costume designer, dialect coach, director, editor, ghost writer, graphic artist, lyricist, muralist, painter, producer, teacher, and writer (of articles, plays, poems, novels, screenplays, and short stories).

I have recently published my first solo novel, ANGELS: Trumps of Doom, online through Inkitt -- please click on the image below:

Did I mention that (for a limited time) it’s FREE? Please check it out!

A couple of years ago, I also co-wrote a novel with Jon Binkowski, called Serpentine Fire; now available all over the Internet! Please go to our website – – and place your order! I have yet another novel well underway, and outlines for at least three more; I write poetry when the Muse wakes up; three or four more plays are rattling around in my head; and I try to keep a journal. And on the back burner are several short stories, and three or four children’s books (which I also mean to illustrate). I also have written almost-annual Christmas stories for some years now; one turned into a novella-length story in the Dickens tradition, called A Christmas Enchantment. Like ANGELS, you can download it through Inkitt:

Two of my plays won Valencia College’s Annual Florida Playwright Competition: Mountain Rose (The Ballad of Rose Anna McCoy) won a few years back, and two years earlier, DOORS won the same award. As an actor, I appeared locally here in central Florida on many stages over the years, and most recently participated in readings of several new plays, primarily for the Women’s Playwright Initiative (which sadly now seems to have folded). I turn up in roles in quirky indie flicks from time to time. And over the past few years I’ve also worked as producer, director, production designer and general creative consultant on several projects in China and India.

I went to Rollins College 40-some odd years ago, where I earned a degree in Theatre Arts/Education and met my wife, Sandy nee Hardy, which is by far the greater accomplishment. We have two grown children, Samantha and Spencer, to look after us in our old age. I’m very well-read, widely traveled, and one way or another – often several at once! – I love to tell stories.

Or help you tell yours.



Stephen DeWoody